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Older News

Sept 14 2008

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Mallory “Paris the Night is Young” crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning.  Her age was really showing the last few months and this last week we knew it was only a matter of time. Click here for a tribute to Mallory.

Eastern Whippet Specialty 2008

Daydreams Nights in White Satin (Vanna) took WB/BOB/Group 3 on Saturday. As breeder and co-owner, I am very very proud and still very dazed by Vanna’s win of the Eastern Specialty on Saturday. Diane Arner of Eclipse whippets has done an enormous job in training dear strong willed, wild child Vanna. This is puppy number 12 of the Roux and Pungo litter.  Knowing what is in her background, I knew she had the potential for great wins, just did not expect one this soon. Vanna has done her linage proud.

I was ringside when Vanna took the open class. And yes, that was me across the ring jumping up and down screaming and setting poor Pat’s ears to ringing. Sorry Pat, I hope your hearing is ok. I was just so excited and pleased!
Unfortunately I missed the breed win as we were under a tornado/severe storm watch and had a lot of things to stow at the RV. I had hoped to get back in time for breed, but it was not to be. I did get to cheer and see Vanna take the Group 3.
Diane, I promise I will never leave the ring again. But then again maybe Kari and Erin are right and I should stay away as my biggest wins have been when I have not been at the ring.

Thank you to all of those who congratulated us on such an exciting day. The RV party Saturday evening was extra special.

Our first whippet came from one of Diane’s breedings. This was Mallory, Paris the Night is Young, FCH, JC. Mallory is a Jimmy-George daughter and will be 14 this August. Mallory was sleeping in the RV when her Great-Granddaughter Vanna won.

Here is a photo of Mallory and Vanna on Sunday:

In other news from the specialty weekend, I am pleased and proud to announce Erin competed in Rally A on Friday and Sunday with Daydream’s Highland Laird, JC “Angus”. On Friday Angus was awarded with his second leg. On Sunday Angus received his third leg with a third place ribbon, achieving his Rally Novice title.

There is celebration at Daydream Hounds.