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I no longer keep any lizards, but if I ever got back into them I'd go with Ackies. They were the most entertaining and active lizards I've kept.

Varanus melinus
I purchased a pair of juvenile Yellow Monitors from Xtreme Reptiles in February 05. They are nice babies, eating and growing like weeds. Unfortunately I lost them both due to an unintentional poisoning. Go to the Yellow Monitor page.

Varanus acanthurus
I had a breeding trio of yellow ackies also known as Spiny Tailed Monitors. Go to the Ackie Page.

One of the most fascinating aspects of monitor husbandry is breeding. It involves a steep learning curve on the keeper's part. The lizards know exactly what to do, its up to the keeper to provide them with optimal conditions to produce viable young. Go to the Ackie Breeding Page.

Varanus flavirufus x gouldi
I've also kept a Argus/Sand monitor hybrid. Go to the Argus/Sand page.

Pogona vitteceps
I've also a Bearded dragon, which make fantastic pets for beginner enthusiasts. Go to the Bearded Dragon page.



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