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formerly known as Neuspots O-40 Raven of Catiators

We adopted Raven from his breeders, Catiators Ocicats, after he retired from showing and breeding. He was the number 2 ebony silver Ocicat in 2003. His breeders are extremely cool, they believe all of their show and breeding cats deserve a home and family of their own once they've retired. Raven is the coolest cat on the planet. He is like silly putty in a cat form. You can pick him up, sling him over your shoulder, cuddle him like a baby, rub his belly and he loves it all. He loves to play fetch, tearing after the ball when you throw it and walking back to place it at your feet. He loves the dogs and is quite perturbed that they don't play with them. Eventually he gets fed up with being ignored and hangs from their necks.



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