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Whippets are wonderful, quiet, clean housepets. Once you've had a dog who never barks, has little to no doggie odor and sleeps the majority of the day you'll never be able to go back to "regular" dogs. That's not even considering how it makes your heart swell up every time you see them run, their speed and agility are breath taking. We got our first whippet, Nemo in the summer of 1997.

Nemo (Shaldra Mikater Elam)
Nemo is our first whippet, and undeniably the world's best dog. We adopted him at 18 months old and he celebrated his 14th birthday on Aug 31 2009. Read about his humble and somewhat sad beginnings. click here

Lemmy (Sowagla Trace of Quick Silver)
Thanks to Yvonne Sovereign Lemmy joined our pack in April 2010. He's a smart, adorable puppy and we are having so much fun with him! Click here to visit Lemmy's page.

Interested in a whippet?

If you'd like to add a whippet to your family there are several places to look. If you want to skip the terror of puppydom (whippet puppies can be nuts and a LOT of work!) consider whippet rescue, WRAP. You can also adopt an adult from a breeder, they sometimes have dogs that were returned or show prospects that aren't quite what they were looking for. Nemo was an adult breeder placement and he is the worlds greatest dog! If you decide you really want a puppy make sure you go to a reputable breeder. NO PET STORES. Pet store puppies come with a myriad of health and behavior issues and are usually more expensive than a good breeder. Your breeder should have health tested the parents and be able to tell you everything, the good and bad, about their lines. They will offer lifetime support for your dog and take them back at any time if anything happens. For breeder referrals through the American Whippet Club email Mary Downing. Also, see the breeders listed on my links page.


Why Not Whippets?

Although I love the breed dearly, they are not for everyone. Please read below for reasons a whippet may not be the right dog for you.

  1. Whippets can and will kill small animals. They can be trained, with work, to leave other pets in the home alone. When they are outside they may kill birds, squirrels, rabbits, opposums and even the neighbors cat. If the idea of your dog killing another animal is extremely upsetting, choose another breed. Whippets have been bred for centuries to chase down and kill small animals.
  2. Whippets should not be trusted off-leash. If you want a dog that can wander around your unfenced yard with you or hang out and not leave the front porch, whippets are not for you. Although there are a few exceptions, whippets are sighthounds and will chase anything they see moving. It could be as simple as a plastic bag blowing across the street to cause them to bolt. Since they can run 35-40mph you won't catch them, and cars will not be able to stop in time.
  3. Whippet puppies require a lot of time, attention and exercise. While adult whippets are usually laid back couch potatos, whippet puppies are little dervishes. If you don't have the time or inclination to deal with it, get an adult, over 2-3 yrs old.


Why Whippets?

  1. Minimal grooming, and baths take 5 minutes.
  2. Very affectionate and love to cuddle.
  3. Quiet, rarely bark.
  4. Adjust to your activity level. When you're active, they want to play. When you're not, they'll sack out on the couch.
  5. Intelligent - they can be easily trained with the right methods.
  6. They are beautiful athletes - once you have them all other dogs look fat.
  7. Few health problems. Whippets should be checked for congenital eye and heart problems and screened for deafness. Other than that they're a relatively healthy and long lived breed.
  8. Fun! There are several sports whippet owners can participate in, including racing and lure coursing. Many whippets excel in obedience and agility too.

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