About the Site

Welcome to, a place to learn about some less commonly kept pets. I will try to include all of the information and photos I have, please remember that it is all meant for informational purposes only. If your pet is sick please get them to see a veterinarian ASAP. I currently have 2 dogs (a greyhound and a whippet), a cat (ocicat), a greek tortoise, and tarantulas of various species.

About Me

I am a hobbyist with a degree in biology and experience as a vet tech. I graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!) with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry. I didn't get in to vet school so I became a web developer. I love animals (as you can tell) and have owned many different reptiles and pocket pets. I have also volunteered in Wildlife Rehab and particularly enjoyed raising orphaned opposums. I've worked in various jobs over the years, I started as the web developer for a financial firm then left to develop's website and community, which was then bought out by I ran's community for about a year then ended up at AOL leading the Women's and Food Communities. Now I work in Community Management.