Poecilotheria regalis

Indian Ornamental Tarantula

Temperment: shy, fast
Habitat: arboreal, tropical
Care: intermediate to advanced keepers

One of our most beautiful tarantulas, "Legs" started out as a 2" spiderling. These spiders are extremely fast growing and are supposed to have a relatively short lifespan in comparison to most desert species, although Legs is still with us after 6 years. These spiders are secretive, prefering to hide in their tube web during the day and coming out at night to hunt. They are large spiders with potentially dangerous venom, so great care should be taken when keeping them. They are not aggressive but are very fast, and quite the little escape artists. Their enclosures should be vertically oriented with a piece of cork bark to attach their tube web. They should be misted once a day to keep the humidity high.

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